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stepmania challenges!?!? [03 Jan 2005|10:27pm]

okie since this community is dying i guess its my turn to try and revive it with a good ol fashion step mania challenge, all u need is stepmania and a pic of the song u did with the mods and everything, objective is to do better then the picture u see then create a challenge with u posting up the pic with the mods and result and etc

i guess i'll go first with a easy one anyone can beat


*edit* i didnt relize the pic was so small lol...well anyways its CSFILSP and the mods are 2x,boomerang,mini,dark,solo

Video hosts? [30 Dec 2004|09:41pm]

I want to start making some tatsujin vids for my soon to be website. Does anybody know of a place where I can upload them to. FREE.

[30 Dec 2004|03:50am]



Here's a nice pretty picshure to inspire you:

hay guyz lets d0 sumthing [15 Dec 2004|01:44pm]

So Christmas Break starts this week. Lets all do something fun. Like go somewhere. Yeah.

Bemani score websites. [25 Nov 2004|06:11am]

I think Bob and I are the only people who do this at the moment, so I'm letting y'all know what's up.

DDR Score tracker:  NNR

beatmaniaIIDX Score tracker:  VJArmy

Pop'n Music Score tracker:  Pop'n Navy

They all let you keep scores and compare/rank with other users.  NNR even lets you submit challenges to other users!

So sign up to any that you apply for, I know NNR is open registration

[23 Nov 2004|11:26pm]

8 Greats on Genom Screams heavy double.

That's a 10-footer, bitches.

I kid, you people aren't bitches.  I love you all.

Oh yeah and 8 Greats on Legend of MAX standard single, and I was even fucking around for the first half.

Sorry to brag, there's just nothing else to do.

AMC17 in Yorktown [22 Nov 2004|02:16pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Last night I was at AMC in yorktown and my friend's girlfriend wanted to see me play DDR because she heared i was good. So i play and then I pass the first song i played with half the groove gauge left. And im thinking to myself "what the hell! I can AAA this song at home. Then I go to play Rhythm and Police and I always AA that and I failed helf-way through the song. Then after I failed someone complemented me and said I did well but the 1P pad doesn't work as well. So i found out after i wasted my money on a fail and i got pissed off. So if you are ever there, don't play on the 1P side.


Cross-posted in my personal journal. [22 Nov 2004|04:52am]

Since my birthday is coming up (two more days!), and I've started acquiring birthday good-wishes (in dollar form), I've decided to start up this little progress tracker and donation button, much like how PBS has those corny telethons.  So, without further ado:

Target: $300

Just give it a loving click to initiate the donation process. :-D

So . . . yeah.  Hopefully soon this sweet piece of technology will be operational.  I can't wait to show it to everybody!

Machine Location [31 Oct 2004|09:33pm]

This is for the Machine Locations thats in the communities info. There is a machine in Yorktown shopping center at an AMC 30 i think. I do not know which version it is. Ill have to ask my friends that live in Lombard. I think i might stop by there tomorrow after school and play a coupple rounds. (i go to Montini and i live all the way in Naperville...lol)

[31 Oct 2004|05:00pm]

Hey everybody, good news.

Taiko no Tatsujin (aka Drum Master)  HAS BEEN RELEASED IN THE UNITED STATES!!!

It's $60 at Best Buy, and I highly recommend picking this one up.  Wordsmith bought it, and we had a blast with it!

There are "over 30 songs", according to the box, and most of them are licensed pop/rock songs.  Good stuff too!

Oh, and if you notice a similarity between this and Donkey Konga, you're right.  They're almost identical.  But Taiko was way before DK's time.

New Here [31 Oct 2004|04:13pm]

Hey everyone, I'm new to this community. I really love playing DDR and i love playing Pop'n Music. I got to Brunsiwck Zone in Naperville. And every time i stop by the Fox Valley AKA Westfield mall, i go to Tilt and play a round or two of DDR. But i haven't been there in a while because I have been playing DDR imports alot lately. Are there any Pop'n Music Machines in the Chicago area?

The separation of left and right. [19 Oct 2004|02:34am]

[ mood | tired ]

Yeah, I decided to play Nonstop for once.  Perhaps I should try for the AAA?


My DDR EXTREME status . . . [17 Oct 2004|12:07am]

Remaining songs and their status:

Move Your Feet (1 Great)
Tsugaru Apple Mix (1 Great)
Waiting For Tonight (1 Great)
Drop Out Nonstop Remix (1 Great)
Do Me (1 Great)
Don't Clock Me (1 Great)
Paranoia Eternal (2 Greats)
Wild Rush (2 Greats)
I'm For Real (1 Great)
You're Not Here (1 NG FUUUUUCK!)
The Reflex (6 Greats)

Kids In America.  13 Greats, and I even quit halfway through the song.  WTF is that piece of shit??

Everything else was AAAed using x3, besides Drop Out (x2) and The legend of MAX (x1.5 Reverse).

So yeah.  This is all on a fighting joystick controller, not a floor pad.  If you want to bitch about it not being the pad, first try AAAing everything that I have, on a controller, using the mods I did.  It's still hard.

After playing the game, I've upgraded my opinion of it from "fucking outraged" to something between "pissed off and feeling cheated" and "wishing Konami would choke on a bowl of dicks and die."  I mean, the new licensed tracks are pretty good . . .

[15 Oct 2004|01:43am]


That's how fucking bored I was today.

w00t [13 Oct 2004|06:58am]

Down wit FVB sucka

me kyle and maybe bob are gonna be at the homewood tourny this sunday to rep for naperville, come on and join us if u feeel like hangin out

[13 Oct 2004|03:33am]


I'm so dense, I totally didn't realize that there are new members here.

Like, a bunch of them.

So welcome, all.  Thanks to Taren for actually making a post, and reminding me that the community still exists.  I'll start posting more if everyone else promises to.


Unlisted Machine Locations [13 Oct 2004|01:02am]

In case nobody got the memo, J-toys is moving up the street to 43 W. Golf Rd. They should be open by the end of this week, I think?

Other places have Bemani and whatnot (I don't know if Rockford counts as 'in bounds', but I'm sure if DeKorncob does, Rockford might also)- Nickelworld in Rockford has DDR Extreme (50 cents zomg), and Volcano Falls has Pump Exceed. But you all know that NIU's machine is in the best condition. Spica + Spana.

(reading back to post about Kimo)

Oh yeah, so that's those kids I saw at Mitsuwa the other day. They were freestyling to Light songs, bad enough to make D.J. Spugna cry. I managed to squeeze in a set- Paranoia Eternal, DDR (OMES Style), Sync Heavy, and LOM EX. I heard from Mr. Kitsune that they had gone from "muttering random insults" to "complete shock and awe." I came back 15 minutes later to find them all playing Standard and Heavy songs.

And to squish any remaining rumors, a 20, November tournament is NOT going to happen. I suddenly got busy.

X-posted everywhere, sorry. [18 Aug 2004|05:10am]

Ok, this is somewhat semi-maybe-important.

I need a plain black karate gi (or something from another style that looks similar), but I have no money to go buy/rent one.

So I was hoping I could find a kind soul to let me borrow one for the weekend if possible.

Just looking for plain black (hopefully something without dojo patches or anything like that), for a 6-foot-tall person, about 30" or so waist size.

If somebody can help out I'd love them forever!


w000000t looky what i did [10 Aug 2004|04:27pm]

A tron kun21: your havin the DDR team in chi town right
MartialArt911: yes
A tron kun21: how many ppl are in it
MartialArt911: 10 or so
MartialArt911: who r u
A tron kun21: interested like totally
MartialArt911: kool
MartialArt911: its in mitsuwa
MartialArt911: north of chicago
A tron kun21: i kno i kno
A tron kun21: how good are you?
A tron kun21: can u like AA everything on heavy?
MartialArt911: no,lol
A tron kun21: how many AAA do u have
MartialArt911: i got 1 AA heavy
MartialArt911: im not one of those super asians
A tron kun21: oooh
A tron kun21: i got like 70
A tron kun21: and like 20 AA
A tron kun21: AAA*
MartialArt911: nice, i need u on my team
A tron kun21: im like sooo hardc0re to da max
A tron kun21: like totally
MartialArt911: awsome
A tron kun21: i read thos FVB losers aree messing with you
MartialArt911: yea
A tron kun21: that liek totally suxx0rs
MartialArt911: they sux
A tron kun21: yea i mean
A tron kun21: like the head person in there group can only AAA max 300 like only 4 0r 5 times
A tron kun21: its pathitic
MartialArt911: thats still kinda good
A tron kun21: naww
A tron kun21: i could do it reverse stealth
A tron kun21: and get AA
MartialArt911: i cant even do max 300
A tron kun21: ooooo
A tron kun21: i bet u coudls till own dem like wha
A tron kun21: so why is it so pricey to join the Team
MartialArt911: do u play at mitsuwa?
A tron kun21: 20 bucks is pretty expensive
A tron kun21: sometimes
MartialArt911: its a custom shirt
A tron kun21: i play at AC ridge mostly
A tron kun21: ooooh icic
A tron kun21: still 20 bucks?
A tron kun21: maybe liek
A tron kun21: 19.99
A tron kun21: will be good
MartialArt911: haha
A tron kun21: or like
A tron kun21: 19.95
A tron kun21: then jack them with the 5 cent tax
MartialArt911: haha
MartialArt911: have u ever been to mitsuwa?
A tron kun21: few times
MartialArt911: ok
A tron kun21: omg i wanna liek soo join your guys team!
A tron kun21: liek i think u guys are liek soo hardc0re
MartialArt911: im glad ur interested
A tron kun21: like omg yea
MartialArt911: how old r u
A tron kun21: 14 :-D
MartialArt911: ok, im 15
A tron kun21: cool cool
A tron kun21: like i just PSMO today
A tron kun21: and got a B
A tron kun21: finally
MartialArt911: my names Kimo
A tron kun21: name is A-tron :-D
MartialArt911: whats ur real name
A tron kun21: Marvin
MartialArt911: sup
A tron kun21: lol nutttin
A tron kun21: so do u likee
A tron kun21: think u can beat FVB?
MartialArt911: fvb?
A tron kun21: the other DDr team
MartialArt911: maybe not, the other guys sux
A tron kun21: ahhhh
A tron kun21: u should go to the tourny!!
MartialArt911: maybe in a few months
A tron kun21: im gonna be there
MartialArt911: u go there and tape it for us
A tron kun21: i dont have a cam corder :-(
A tron kun21: plus those FVB pricks are assholes
A tron kun21: they dont let u film anything
A tron kun21: and there like
MartialArt911: oh
A tron kun21: OMG!1!! I JUST AAA LOM
A tron kun21: and im like
A tron kun21: been there
A tron kun21: done that'
MartialArt911: haha
A tron kun21: LOm isnt event hat hard
A tron kun21: i could do it with my eyes close
MartialArt911: ok, we might meet at mitsuwa next sunday or something
A tron kun21: ooo awsome!
MartialArt911: not this coming sunday cause the shirts dont come in yet
A tron kun21: ooo
A tron kun21: u should like
A tron kun21: put
A tron kun21: the memebrs on the DDRfreak borads
A tron kun21: put me at number 2!!!
A tron kun21: under you
A tron kun21: and put like
A tron kun21: the l33tness A-tron!!! (FVB suxx0rs for lyfe liek wha)
MartialArt911: haha
MartialArt911: whats fvb stand for
A tron kun21: fox valley bemani
A tron kun21: go !!
A tron kun21: put it in!!
MartialArt911: i dont go on ddrfreak
A tron kun21: just put it in the thread u made
A tron kun21: just to show how l33t are group is!!
MartialArt911: did u see our flash?
A tron kun21: yep yep
MartialArt911: took me like 8 hrs for a 3 min thing
A tron kun21: daannngggg
A tron kun21: thats liek so hardcore!
MartialArt911: whats ur shirt size
A tron kun21: XL :-D
MartialArt911: shit
MartialArt911: we out of XL
A tron kun21: aweee
MartialArt911: how about Large
A tron kun21: naw thats cool
A tron kun21: lol
A tron kun21: i dont need a shirt
MartialArt911: u have to get one if ur on the team
A tron kun21: its okiee
A tron kun21: i'll still pay
MartialArt911: we need a shirt cause our sponcers logos are on it
A tron kun21: oooo
MartialArt911: so they wont let u play unless u got one
A tron kun21: ooo
A tron kun21: then large it is@
MartialArt911: ok
A tron kun21: go put the members on DDRfreak!!
A tron kun21: lool
A tron kun21: come on
A tron kun21: plzzz
MartialArt911: put what?
A tron kun21: the members
A tron kun21: in the team
MartialArt911: the members of my team?
A tron kun21: yea!!
A tron kun21: and put this under my name
A tron kun21: the l33tness A-tron!!! (FVB suxx0rs for lyfe liek wha)
A tron kun21: or just put me and u in there
A tron kun21: since were the l33tness
MartialArt911: y dont u post
A tron kun21: my membership is sitl valdating
A tron kun21: so i cant
A tron kun21: go for it bro
MartialArt911: ok
A tron kun21: i'll back u up
A tron kun21: once its done valdateing
A tron kun21: tell me when ya done!
MartialArt911: why would i put my member names on?
A tron kun21: so u can show ppl that your team s serious
A tron kun21: and when ppls ee how amny ppl are on the team
A tron kun21: they get interested
A tron kun21: and wanan join also
A tron kun21: its a good promotion thing :-D
A tron kun21: u doin it?
MartialArt911: yes
A tron kun21: cool
A tron kun21: dont forget thats tuff i said iw ant under my name bro!
MartialArt911: done
A tron kun21: cool man
MartialArt911: http://www.freewebs.com/kimoddr/meettheteam.htm

~~~from DDRFREAK~~~

requested that I put my team members on by A tron kun21


plus the l33tness A-tron!!! (FVB suxx0rs for lyfe liek wha)

why do you hate us so much? dont think we did anything to you? i just made this so people in my school would get together on week-ends

;D i wanna see there faces when they find out they got punkd

[19 Jul 2004|06:19pm]

Hey, just wanted to give an update on the Langer vs. Hopkins Challenge:

Round 10: HOPKINS wins 3 GREATS as opposed to my 7!


That makes it 7-3 now, in my favor. I suppose we're going to 100, right Lauren?

Probably going to update this every ten matches or so.


. . . . probably.

EDIT: Oh yeah, for those not 'in-the-know', every time Lauren and I are at BZ together, we have to throw down and do the Challenge, which consists of playing Look to the Sky (True Color Mix) once. Only one round per day. I've had to live with the shame of defeat twice in a row now. Winner is the one with less Greats obviously, if a tie occurs we go by score. This is assuming we full combo the song (which we always do).

Results so far:
Round 1: HOPKINS wins, 7 to 9.
Round 2: LANGER wins, unknown score.
Round 3: LANGER wins, unknown score.
Round 4: LANGER wins, unknown score.
Round 5: LANGER wins, unknown score.
Round 6: LANGER wins, unknown score.
Round 7: LANGER wins, unknown score.
Round 8: LANGER wins, 4 to 14.
Round 9: HOPKINS wins, 8 to 10.
Round 10: HOPKINS wins, 3 to 7.

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